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Post  AmoebaHewdraw on Mon Jun 25, 2012 5:21 pm

Now for a page that you all have been waiting for! The Mii Plaza Discussion! here we will share how much is in your plaza how many tags? your Achievements? How many hats do you have? How many puzzles do you have done? how Far are you at Find Mii? what hat do you wear? what is the coolest guy you met? Say that stuff here! I'll start.
First off, I don the awesome metroid hat! and have completed find mii once and only one puzzle done and i have a lot of pink pieces Laughing I have 31 characters and 64 tags one dude in my plaza has 31 tags! Shocked I met Moffit, He is really cool I love his hat! the NES hat! there's another dude named Hercule who is based off a Dragon Ball character. lol!

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