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Post  AmoebaHewdraw on Mon Oct 01, 2012 5:21 pm

Hey all, This is AmoebaHewdraw if you got my Swapnote, you have heard about my Fall Friendly. It's more of a weekly play session though but not quite a league it will not be ranked after some thought, so i can get a few sparks to fly to get the word on more leagues and tournaments later, well i am going to give the rest of the info now!

It will be every Saturday at 10:00 AM EST each match will last 6 minutes, but except for FFA, I really can't say how long it will be. every week it will change between LvD and FFA each with a 6 minute clock computers set to 5 (hoping that bit of info will be mostly useless!) your friends can join in too, but they may want to soon make an Orbitars account, so they can join even more of the fun! Smile If you cannot make it to all of them that is perfectly fine, you can join in at any time taking breaks is okay i suggest doing this if you need to do something with a new weapon you fancy, or anything outside of Kid Icarus. It will start this Saturday and ends in November. No i will not be doing a Halloween tournament, (I will be away) I hope to see you there!

- AmoebaHewdraw afro

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Post  ClubMaster on Sat Oct 06, 2012 10:27 am

I guess I'll join


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