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Happy New Year! Empty Happy New Year!

Post  AmoebaHewdraw on Wed Jan 09, 2013 10:19 pm

Happy 2013 everyone! I've been off of activity lately due to things being slower than a snail genetically altered with molasses and tortoise DNA but we have been hoping of making 2013 a BIG year for orbitars. anyway if any of you are in certain places on vacation (i.e. Disney World) You might streetpass me! i go on vacation a lot mostly to Disney World or Hilton Head, usually around summer and fall i go to Disney and i go to Hilton Head usually during Easter time. My streetpass enabled titles are as follows, Ridge Racer 3D (which I never Play) Kid Icarus Uprising (hope to have a lot of hearts and i mean A LOT) Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] and angry birds trilogy (it was part of a sale 2 for $40 on select titles) so if your there and street pass a guy with a metroid on his head whose greeting is "Get it off! Ahh!" yeah it's probably me. i change my gems daily so you may not get the same gem twice (that's how many good weapons I have) and fair warning, they are VERY expensive. some range around 100000! well i my next vacation won't be until march, so be patient and it is to Hilton Head so see ya!

P.S. If you go there sometime, try Guiseppi's Pizza Home of the Weggie, it is awesome.

--AmoebaHewdraw afro

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