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Infinite 3DS Play Coin Cheat Empty Infinite 3DS Play Coin Cheat

Post  AmoebaHewdraw on Sat Apr 06, 2013 7:13 pm

Want more then a mere 10 play coins a day? Here's how you can!
Step 1: get 10 play coins
Step 2: go to system settings
Step 3: go to other options, then select date and time.
Step 4: add one more day to today's date ( it has to be adding!)
Step 5: exit system settings
Step 6: return to step 1

There you have it! You should remember to take frequent breaks as this can get pretty tiring (I did it up and down stairs on a ten deck cruise ship which was tiring) you could probably set increments for when you take a break.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: this cheat is time sensitive, for it uses manipulating the date on your 3DS system. When you change the date and the day lands on that day, all records of that time (meaning the steps you took) will be gone. When performing this cheat, records of your exercise will go away, so if you're using your 3DS as an exercise tool, you probably shouldn't perform this cheat. If you still want to do it but still want to track your steps, get another pedometer when you do this cheat. Hopefully Nintendo will increase the daily limit on Play Coins, making this cheat less necessary!

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